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Meeting the Challenges of Covid-19 pandemic, the Yogic Way – A Webinar series by RKMVERI – 16 June – 4 July 2021

Vivekananda Vedanta-Yoga Adhyayana-Samshodhana-Alaya (VIVEKA-VYASA)
(Vivekananda Centre for Vedanta-Yoga Studies and Research)

under the School of Indian Heritage, RKMVERI, is organising a WEBINAR SERIES on

“Meeting the Challenges of Covid-19 pandemic – The Yogic Way

16 June 2021 – 4 July 2021

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The proposed Webinar Series comprising 19 lectures from eminent monks of Ramakrishna Mission, Yoga-Vedanta scholars, scientists and medical professionals, centering around the International Day of Yoga (21 June 2021) covering various aspects of Yoga and Vedanta in special reference to the current Covid-19 pandemic situation wherein the main concerns are: anxiety and stress, concentration deficit (for students and elders alike), sleep disorder (for elders in particular), breathing trouble (for those with lung problems and other elders), maintaining overall wellness, loneliness and fear psychosis (for elders and parents with children settled abroad, in particular), connecting to the society with cheerfulness, and a host of other related issues, physical, pranic, psychological and spiritual. We have devised a lecture series that would address these concerns based upon the praacheen bharatiya jnana-vijnana parampara (ancient Indian wisdom-experience tradition) drawing from our authentic scriptures as well as modern scientific (neuro-physiological and cardiological) evidence.

Given below is a detailed webinar series programme centering around the International Day of Yoga (21 June 2021)—the series spans from 16 June 2021 and extends up to 4 July 2021. The profile of the speakers participating in this webinar ranges from eminent and qualified monks of Ramakrishna Order serving at our Deemed University and several other scholarly monks elsewhere in India and abroad, to neuro-scientists, cardiologists, physiologists, psychologists, psychiatrists and medical doctors, all of whom are highly knowledgeable not only about their own respective sciences, but the Yoga-Vedanta-science interface and its applications to address the Covid-19 pandemic response concerns stated above.

Who can participate?

  • Yoga-Vedanta seekers all over the world
  • Students and Faculty members of eminent colleges and universities of India
  • Students of various Spiritual Heritage courses run by the School of Indian Heritage, RKMVERI
  • Faculty, students, staff members of RKMVERI.
  • Monastic members of Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission

How to Register:

Live-streaming Link:

Zoom live-stream link will be sent by email to all registrants.

Note: Although the ZOOM platform will allow registration of 1000 participants only, the entire programme will be web-streamed on YouTube channel of the RKMVERI so that a huge number of global audience can view and listen although not interact.

Click here to watch previous webinar videos

Detailed programme (each talk will be of one hour duration with 15-20 minutes of interaction with the audience):

Name of the speaker Designation/Affiliation Topic/title of talk Date and time
Swami Atmapriyananda Pro Chancellor, RKMVERI, and Director, Standing Academic & Accreditation Committee, IYA. Inaugural speech on – “Meeting the Challenges of Covid-19 pandemic – The Yogic Way 16 June 2021, 6 pm
Swami Sarvottamananda Vice Chancellor, RKMVERI Swami Vivekananda’s exposition of ‘Raja Yoga’ in modern times 17 June 2021, 6 pm
Swami Kirtipradananda Registrar, RKMVERI and Joint Secretary, Indian Yoga Association, West Bengal Chapter Integrated Human Development–Yoga-Vedanta perspective 18 June 2021, 6 pm
Swami Kaleshananda Controller of Examinations, RKMVERI Meditation for Healthy Living 19 June 2021, 6 pm
Swami Atmarupananda Minister in-charge, Vedanta Society of Greater Houston, USA Cultivating an enlightened mind–Buddhist meditation techniques 20 June 2021, 6 pm
Swami Sarvapriyananda Minister in-charge, Vedanta Society of New York Self-inquiry: “Who am I?”–efficacy of this practice in daily life 21 June 2021, 6 pm
Swami Atmajnanananda Minister in-charge, Vedanta Centre of Greater Washington, DC The transforming power of prayer in Bhakti Yoga 22 June 2021, 6 pm
Swami Sarvasthananda Minister in-charge, Ramakrishna Vedanta Centre, Bourne End, United Kingdom Swami Vivekananda’s exposition of Jnana Yoga 23 June 2021, 6 pm
Swami Vireshananda Editor, Prabuddha Bharata Why each chapter of the Bhagavad-Gita is a Yoga 24 June 2021, 6 pm
Swami Bodhamayananda Director, Vivekananda Centre for Human Excellence, Ramakrishna Math, Hyderabad Upanishadic call of ‘Arise, Awake’ 25 June 2021, 6 pm
Brahmachari Ajaatachaitanya Coordinator, Department of Sports Science and Yoga, RKMVERI The enigma of ‘sleep consciousness’–ancient Indian perspective 26 June 2021, 6 pm
Prof. Uday Sankar Ray Professor, Department of Sports Science and Yoga, RKMVERI Common Yoga Protocol and its possible benefits 27 June 2021, 6 pm
Dr. Arkadeb Dutta Assistant Professor, Department of Sports Science and Yoga, RKMVERI Probable neural mechanism of concentration deficit 28 June 2021, 6 pm
Dr. Subhadip Paul Assistant Professor, Department of Sports Science and Yoga, RKMVERI A neuroscientist’s understanding of consciousness 29 June 2021, 6 pm
Dr. Santi Ranjan Dasgupta, D Ortho Visiting Professor, Department of Sports Science and Yoga, RKMVERI Pain management and yoga 30 June 2021, 6 pm
Dr. Subrata Chattopadhyay, MD, PhD Professor of Medical Physiology, WB Health University and Visiting Professor, Department of Sports Science and Yoga, RKMVERI Relation between mind and Consciousness 1 July 2021, 6 pm
Dr. Ravindra N, MD, PhD Associate Professor, Centre for Consciousness Studies, Dept of Neurophysiology, NIMHANS, Bengaluru Sleeping peacefully–neurophysiological perspective 2 July 2021, 6 pm
Dr. Bindu M Kutty, MD, PhD Professor, In-charge Human Sleep and Cognition Research Laboratory,
In-charge NIMHANS Center for Consciousness Studies (NCCS),
Dept.of Neurophysiology, NIMHANS, Bengaluru
Consciousness Studies initiated in NIMHANS–perspectives and challenges 3 July 2021, 6 pm
Swami Suddhidananda Adhyaksha, Advaita Ashrama, Mayawati, Uttarakhand Valedictory and Concluding session– yoga samanvaya (synthesis of yogas) as taught by Swami Vivekananda–its relevance and importance in the present age 4 July 2021, 6 pm


Any Queries?

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Contact No: (033) 2654-9999


  1. Sonali chakrabarti

    I like to join this webinar to aquire practical knowledge about yoga. Being a faculty member of sivanath Sastri college I think I can help my students also.

  2. Gobinda prasad hazra

    I will be happy if I get a chance to join the meeting. I am a joga teacher of Patanjali
    yog samity Howrah

    • Web Admin

      Please send email about the issue you are facing in registration, or call RKMVERI Reception desk (see Contact page) and ask to be spoken to the Web-team about the technical issue you are facing in registration.

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