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Research Areas

Name of faculty Broad area of research Sub areas of research Ongoing projects
Swami Vidyapradananda Yoga, Scientific validation of Yogic practices Patanjali Yoga & Bharatiya Manovigyan, Physiological and neural correlates of pranayama techniques, Yoga Upanishads, Medieval Hatha Yoga
  1. Positive effects of pranayama on brain waves and neurophysiology
  2. Esoteric theory of prana and pranayama
  3. Cognition and studies in sleep, functions of mind and prana
Arnab Das Yoga & Sports Science
  • Fundamental and applied sports and exercise physiology
  • Sports genetics
  1. Developing talent identification tool in sports with cardiorespiratory efficacy and genetic testing
  2. Effect of exercise and training on cardio-respiratory functions and sports performance
  3. Effect of various asanas on cardio-respiratory functions – a chronobiological approach
Kunal Sikder Biochemistry & Sports Science Immuno-genetics of dilated cardiomyopathy and autoimmune endocrine diseases
  1. Genetic predisposition and immune dysregulation in idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy (IDCM)
  2. Genetic polymorphism and intracellular stress pathways in PBMCs in Graves’ disease and Hashimoto thyroiditis
  3. Role of Vit-D receptor polymorphism in autoimmune disorders
Subhadip Paul Neuroscience
  • Multi-modal brain imaging of brain disorders,
  • Neuroimaging genetics,
  • Non-invasive brain imaging/ brain mapping method development.
  1. Understanding the structural and functional abnormalities of brain circuits in mental disorders and in addiction using cutting-edge multi-modal brain imaging (MRI, fMRI and Diffusion Tensor Imaging).
  2. Genetic correlates of brain structure and function in health and in diseases.
  3. Development of new computational approaches for non-invasive brain imaging data analysis/ brain mapping.
Manohar Kumar Pahan Sports Science , Strength and conditioning
  • Sports Psychology
  • Sports Training
  • Sports Profiling
  • Training plan and technique development
  1. Psychological profiling of individual and team sports.
  2. Identification and development of sporting potentials based on psychological and biomotor abilities.
  3. Psychological skill training for developing commitment, control, confidence and concentration in sports participants.
  4. Means and methods of developing biomotor abilities for athletes of young age
Vijmendra Kumar Grover Sports Science, Sports Genetics Exercise and Sports Physiology Boxing Sports and Exercise Genetics Talent Identification and Development in Sports
  1. Talent identification in sports
  2. BioMAC a Boxing dataset for multilabel action classification
Dr Kalipada Pal Ayurveda and Naturopathy
  1. Āyurvedic Treatment in Knee Osteoarthritis
  2. Āyurvedic and Yogic intervention in chronic low back pain
Arkadeb Dutta Neurophysiology of Yoga & Sports Science
  • Understanding the functional and structural brain plasticity and cognition in chronic pain.
  • Effect of Mind-Body Interventions in brain function
  • Cognition and Emotional Control in Sports.
  • Neurophysiology of pranayama
  1. Understanding the Brain Network Plasticity in Chronic Neuropathic Low Back Pain- A Case Control Observational Study.
  2. Effect of various exercise training on brain function
  3. The effect of balancing yogic postures and its impact on brain cognition.