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Dr. Arnab Das


Assistant Professor,
Department of Sports Science & Yoga
Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Educational & Research Institute (RKMVERI – Deemed University)


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ORCID: 0000-0002-3464-4141
SCOPUS ID: 57208660866

Lab objective

Overall, our lab’s research is focused on important topics that have the potential to contribute to our understanding of sports and exercise physiology. Our research objectives include designing a talent identification tool in sports including measures of cardiovascular and respiratory components, as well as genetic testing. We are also in a constant endeavor to explore the yoga asanas from a cardiorespiratory point of view. Yoga asanas have been shown to improve cardiovascular and respiratory function, however, our lab is working to understand their specific effects.

Current Research Interests

Currently we are focusing on fundamental and applied sports and exercise physiology responses in humans, which specifically includes –

  • Developing talent identification tool in sports with cardiorespiratory efficacy and genetic testing
  • Finding the effect of various exercise and training on cardio-respiratory functions and sports performance
  • Finding the effect of various asanas on cardio-respiratory functions and metabolic demand

Academic Profile and Employment

  • Assistant Professor (2021): Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Educational & Research Institute (RKMVERI), Belur Math
  • Ph.D. (2021): The University of Burdwan (Physiology)
  • Assistant Professor (2020): Manipal College of Health Professions, Manipal
  • Senior Research Fellow (2018): Sports Authority of India, Govt. of India
  • SET (2017): West Bengal College Service Commission (Life Sciences)
  • Research Fellow (2016): Sports Authority of India, Govt. of India
  • M.Sc. (2015): The University of Burdwan (Physiology)
  • B.Sc. (2013): The University of Burdwan (Physiology)


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  2. Arnab Das, Usha S. Kaniganti, Shruti J. Shenoy, Pralay Majumdar, Alak K. Syamal. Monitoring training load, muscle damage, and body composition changes of elite Indian rowers during a periodized training program. Journal of Science in Sport and Exercise. 2022; 1-12. doi: 10.1007/s42978-022-00197-7.
  3. Gargi Ray Chaudhuri, Arnab Das, Swaraj Bandhu Kesh, Koushik Bhattacharya, Sulagna Dutta, Pallav Sengupta, Alak Kr. Syamal. Obesity and male infertility: multifaceted reproductive disruption. Middle East Fertility Society Journal. 2022; 27(1): 1-2. doi: 10.1186/s43043-022-00099-2.
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  6. Pralay Majumdar, Arnab Das and Malay Mandal. Physical and strength variables as a predictor of 2000m rowing ergometer performance in elite rowers. Journal of Physical Education and Sport. 2017; 17(4): 2502-2507. doi: 10.7752/jpes.2017.04281.
  7. Arnab Das, Subhasish Ghosal, Indrani Chakraborty and Nirmal Pradhan. Haematinic Potential of Jussiaea repens L – A Search for Antianaemic Herb. British Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, 2015; 8(5): 1-11. doi: 10.9734/BJPR/2015/20409.
  8. Subhasis Ghoshal, Arnab Das, Kajari Bhattacharya, Maitrayee Mondal, Indrani Chakraborty, Nimai Masanta and Nirmal Pradhan. Jussiaea repens as a herbal cotraceptive –a mating study in male rats. Journal of Environment & Sociobiology, 2015; 12(1): 123-131.
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  10. Arnab Das, Chaitali Bose, Subhasish Ghosal, Indrani Chakraborty, Nirmal Pradhan*. Effect of pure mangiferin vis-a-vis crude ethanolic extract from Mangifera indica bark on haematological parameters in male albino rats. World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, 2014; 3(9): 1390-1403.

PhD Scholars

  1. Sanjoy Majhi (UGC NET-JRF)
  2. Debjit Das (SVMCM, WB)

Open Positions

We are currently seeking Junior Research Fellows with either a NET (CSIR, UGC) or DST Inspire fellowship or ICMR Junior Research Fellowship from any branch of life sciences and medical sciences. The ideal candidate should have a strong academic background and a passion for research in the fields of sports and exercise physiology. Candidates who are interested in pursuing a PhD or short-term projects in sports and exercise physiology may write to / .


  1. Asian Exercise and Sport Science Association (AESSA)
  2. Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India (APPI)
  3. Physical Education Foundation of India (PEFI)
  4. Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA)

Editorial Positions

  • Reviewer of ‘International Journal of Exercise Science’
  • Reviewer of ‘Nutrition and Health’ journal