Research Activities in the Department

Human inquisitiveness has led to tremendous degree of research activities to understand all phenomena connected to human potential. A lot have been explored and understood; but much remains to be researched and unearthed. Exploration in the understanding of human capabilities helps in finding ways and means of increasing the capabilities and also to compensate for the deficiencies. During the last many decades,
specialised fields of study such as physiology, psychology, bio mechanics, biochemistry and the likes had enriched the understanding on various aspects of human potential. Attempts have also been made in India to perform research work in these fields. However, eastern part of the country has seen less of advanced research work especially in the fields of exercise physiology and bio mechanics in relation to physical activity. It is a fact that human performance can only be understood through multidisciplinary approach, since any activity taken up by a person would involve a range of energy transformation, conversion to mechanical action and control of all these. Absence of an integrated human performance laboratory has possibly led to scanty research activities in India and especially in eastern zone.

The following research activities / projects are being carried out at present with the financial support of the university:

Current Research in Sports Science

  • Exercise Physiology / Science in Sports
  • Bio mechanical aids for Sports
  • Performance enhancement of sports (through scientific analysis of metabolism, pharmacology, physiology, diet and nutrition, and through low cost innovative instrumentation)
  • Adapted Sports (sports for the disabled)
  •  Health and lifestyle improvement in disable persons by means of specific training program and health analysis encompassing exercise physiology, biochemistry, bio mechanics, computational statistics
  • Translational research involving exercise physiology, cardio-pulmonary system and cellular metabolism to evaluate and improve performance in sports persons.

Aim of research related to Sports Science

  1. To understand the mechanism of physical and physiological adaptations to sports training and physical activity.
  2. To Explore the possibility of inclusion of disabled persons in all types of sporting activity and design new sporting activities.

Current Research in Yoga

The Department faculty currently focuses on scientific research backed by findings from Yogic texts. Some of the recent research work are in the following topics

  1. Investigation of various psycho-physiological benefits of yogic practices /yoga protocols and their applications in alleviation of human suffering and enhancing quality of life.
  2. Investigation of neuro-cognitive benefits of various yoga and meditation practices.

 Aim of research related to Yoga

  1. To explore the ancient and modern yoga texts to follow its evolution and to
    relate it with modern science.
  2. To explore Ramakrishna Vivekananda literature/movement and its impact on
    the field of yoga.
  3. To evaluate the Yogic approach in life with its socio-economic implications
    for a common man who is not a ‘yogi ‘ per se.


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Ongoing Doctoral Research Work (2018-19)

1. On Mobility Pattern of Visually Impaired in Sporting Activities – Triloki Prasad.

Dynamic Balance Test is being performed by a blind person.

Veering Test is being performed by a blind person.

2. Effect of general and specific training on anthropometric profile and cardio-respiratory endurance of the cricketers – Ankur Biswas

3. Exploring spatial perception of visually impaired through auditory and other feedback – Bankim Biswas

4. Effect of various combinations of yogic practices on physical performance of non-sports and sports persons – Gopinath Bhowmik Bhunia

5. Studies on heart rate variability during various sporting activities – Subhashis Biswas


M.Phil. projects completed in 2018

1. A study on heart rate variability of district level cricketers – Subhashis Biswas
2. A study on spatial orientation capability of visually impaired persons -Bankim Biswas
3. Anthropometric profile of district level cricketers with various – Ankur Biswas
4. Effects of Yogasanas on motor fitness in district level cricket players – Gopinath Bhowmik Bhunia
5. Variation of V(dot)O2 max estimation using R-R interval method following three indirect protocols – Binita Chatterjee
6. Somatotype Characteristics and Biomechanical Profile of Swimmers and Divers – Manidipa Dawn

Other projects under pilot study mode

1. Evaluation of postural sway in relation to sports performance in shooting and archery – Preliminary set up is being tested.