Full Time Faculty

Dr. Uday Shankar Ray

* PhD – Physiology (Calcutta University), D.Sc – Yoga (S-VYASA)
* Professor of Yoga

Area of Research: Physiological basis of Yogic practices & its applications in different situations
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Dr. Rupayan Bhattacharya 

* Ph.D – Nuclear Physics (Calcutta University)
* Professor of Biomechanics
* Emeritus Fellow, University of Calcutta, Research in Nuclear Physics
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Dr. Kalipada Pal

* M.D. Ayurveda (Calcutta)
* Associate Professor, Ayurveda & Panchakarma

Dr. Kunal Sikder 

*Assistant Professor, Sports Science
*PhD – Physiology (Calcutta University)
*Post-doc: Center for Translational Medicine, Dept. of Medicine (Thomas Jefferson University, United States)
Area of research:

1. Cardiovascular pathophysiology in type I and type II diabetes
2. Intracellular cross-talks during development of cardiac fibrosis and heart failure
3. Alterations in Lipid metabolism and cellular energetics in diabetic cardiomyopathy and laminopathy
4. iPSC differentiated cardiomyocyte culture and genetic manipulation to mimic in vitro pathological model for cardiomyopathy.
5. Inflammation and oxidative stress in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

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Dr. Arkadeb Dutta

*Assistant Professor, Sports Science
*PhD – Physiology from Defence Institute of Physiology & Allied Sciences, Delhi
*Post doctoral fellow – University of Freiburg, Germany, Technion Israel and National Brain Research Center, New Delhi
Area of research:

1. Neuroscience
2. Neuro-physiology
3. Cognitive science

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Dr Subhadip Paul

*Assistant Professor, Sports Science & Yoga
*Ph.D (Computational Neuroscience ) National Brain Research Centre, Delhi, 2015
*Former Newton International Fellow, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King’s College London,
*Former Researcher, MIND Institute, USA
Area of research:

1. Investigation of the organization principles of human brain circuits
2. Development of multi-modal neuroimaging data analysis methods

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Monastic Faculty

Swami Kaleshananda

* PhD –Environmental Science (IARI, Pusa, New Delhi)

Area of Research : Patanjali Yoga & Meditation

Brahmachari Ajaatachaitanya

Coordinator – Sports Science and Yoga programmes

Swami Samarpananandaji

Visiting Faculty

Dr. S.R. Dasgupta

* M.B.B.S., D.Orth, FRGS

Mr. Dipankar Pal

* M.Sc. (Physiology), M.Sc. (Psychology), B.Ed.

Soumendranath Manna

* M.Sc (Physiology), B.Ed, PGDY


Mr. Prasanta Samanta : Yogasanas, Kriyas, Mudras and Sports