Academics – Sports Science Programmes


The Department of Sports Science and Yoga offers the following programmes in Sports Science.

1. Ph.D. in Sports Science

Of late, utilization of scientific concepts in sports to achieve higher level of performance could be observed all over world. In India, Sports Science is an emerging discipline in higher education. Sports or exercise science is a multidisciplinary approach encompassing various subjects like exercise physiology, biomechanics, sports psychology, sports medicine, nutrition and so on. A higher University degree is a requirement for working in sports and exercise science in Clinics, Sports Clubs, Fitness Centres and evaluation of professional athletes for a scientific back up in high performance sports. Professional players require a much higher standard of care from the sports scientists who should hold postgraduate university qualifications and be proficient in their job. Considering the future need in the country and shortage of persons trained to support different sporting teams, the RKMVERI has embarked on research and academic courses in this field.

PhD program highlights

  1. Duration: The duration of PhD program is 3 to 5ys normally.
  2. Coursework (one/two semesters)
    • 1st semester — Compulsory coursework (12 credits): Research Methodology & Statistics (4 credits),  Research Ethics and Publication (2 credits) , Seminar (3 credits), Computer Applications in Sports (3 credits)
    • 2nd semester — Additional coursework on advanced topics based  on the recommendation of Doctoral committee.
  3. Research work:
    • Doctoral committee : A doctoral committee comprising of at least three internal faculty and one external faculty will be formed for each candidate at the end of successful completion of compulsory coursework.
    • PhD registration: On the guidance of the committee the student will prepare a synopsis of proposed research and make presentation of the same for registration as a PhD candidate
    • Bi-annual progress report: Each candidate is required to make presentation of the progress of his research work every six months after the PhD registration
    • Academic service: JRF candidates are required to do compulsory service in the Department’s academic affairs as per ‘UGCGuidelines For Junior Research Fellowship In Sciences, Humanities And Social Sciences’
    • Conversion to SRF: JRF candidates are required to submit research progress and make a presentation at the end of 2ys in order to be converted to SRF status.

The present programme is an integrated programme in M.Phil. – Ph.D.

Objectives of the course

To prepare students for research and professional activities in the field of Sports Science through

  1. Creating awareness about various specialised subject areas in Sports Science
  2. Inculcating enhanced thinking process
  3. Improving ability to convert theory into practices
  4. Developing ability of focused research and application for improving sports performance.
  5. Mastering complex skills that are grounded in and guided by systematic theory and research
  6. Providing sports science support services to sports clubs, fitness centres, sports teams, and the like.

2. M.Sc. in Sports Science

(Two Years Full time course)

Course content

The course content has been developed following the UGC guidelines. Read / download the syllabus