Academics – Sports Science Programmes

M.Phil. (Syllabus) and Ph.D.

Of late, utilization of scientific concepts in sports to achieve higher level of performance could be observed all over world. In India, Sports Science is an emerging discipline in higher education. Sports or exercise science is a multidisciplinary approach encompassing various subjects like exercise physiology, biomechanics, sports psychology, sports medicine, nutrition and so on. A higher University degree is a requirement for working in sports and exercise science in Clinics, Sports Clubs, Fitness Centres and evaluation of professional athletes for a scientific back up in high performance sports. Professional players require a much higher standard of care from the sports scientists who should hold postgraduate university qualifications and be proficient in their job. Considering the future need in the country and shortage of persons trained to support different sporting teams, the RKMVERI has embarked on research and academic courses in this field.

The present course is an integrated course in M.Phil. and Ph.D.

Objectives of the course

To prepare students for research and professional activities in the field of Sports Science through

  1. Creating awareness about various specialized subject areas in Sports Science
  2. Inculcating enhanced thinking process
  3. Improving ability to convert theory into practices
  4. Developing ability of focused research and application for improving sports performance.
  5. Mastering complex skills that are grounded in and guided by systematic theory and research
  6. Providing sports science support services to sports clubs, fitness centres, sports teams, and the like.

MPhil Suggested Course content

The course content has been developed following the UGC Regulations for M.Phil / Ph.D. 2016. The following specialized fields would be covered:

Compulsory papers

  1. Introduction to Sports
  2. Fundamentals of Physical and Biological Sciences
  3. Research Methodology and Statistics
  4. Communicative English and Dissertation writing
  5. Exercise/Sports Physiology
  6. Sports Biomechanics
  7. Sports Medicine
  8. Kinanthropometry
  9. Sports Psychology
  10. Computer application in Sports Science
  11. Inclusive Adapted Physical Activity and Yoga
  12. Seminar
  13. Dissertation

Dress Code

Proper dress code will be required for the discipline of sports science as will be specified at the time of admission.