Laboratories and Facilities

RKMVERI dedicated a the new building Atma-vikas in Oct-2018 for the Department of Sports Science and Yoga.

The department has following laboratories presently.

Exercise Physiology Laboratory

This laboratory will carry out research in the field of exercise physiology and also serve as testing centre for fitness related to sports. The laboratory is expected to have many equipment, many of them are already installed and functioning.
i) Bicycle Ergometer (Monarch) – installed
ii) Body composition Analyser – installed
iii) High resolution weighing scale (Avery) – installed
iv) Polar Heart rate monitors – V800 model – working
v) Polar heart rate transmitter – H7 model – working
vi) Skin fold calliper – Betty Model
vii) Skinfold calliper – Cescorf model
ix) Precision Measuring tape – Cescorf model
x) Anthropometer
xi) Spreading calliper

Biomechanics Laboratory

For experiments related to biomechanics field.
i) Open space type laboratory for study of various types of sports activity.
ii) GoPro Hero 7 model Camera for high frame speed video recording
iii) Indigenously built equipment for innovative experiments
iv) Software available: Tracker and Kinovea

Yoga and Meditation Study laboratory

i) Portable EEG equipment
ii) Multi-channel Bio-potential recorder

Training Methods Laboratory

This lab provides facilities for experiments on physical training using various exercise equipment.

Sports Analytics Laboratory

Used for research, development and database creation in the field.

Sports Psychology Laboratory

To work on psychological aspects of sports persons.

Innovation Laboratory

For research and development activity to create and build scientific equipment indigenous.

Medical examination facility

This facility has ECG and other testing equipment.